No. 1366 ISO transport tank, 24,000ltr, 4bar, Melbourne SOLD

ISO foodgrade transport tank, 24,000ltr, New Unused, Melbourne AU  SOLD

This unit was purchased new in 2011 for transporting beer but never put into service.

Tank # NTTU.240011-9

Well appointed tank, 316 stainless pressure vessel 6bar design tested & 4bar working, CIP ...

August 2022 certification documents download below.


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Technical Specification for Steel Tank Container


Tank Type:                              20’ ISO full frame collar tank, Type UN Portable tank T11

Insulated, steam heated, top side rails fitted

Tank No.:                                NTTU 240011 - 9

Manufacture Date:                 01-2012           

Specification No. :                  NT24T11C Rev.0

GA Drawing Ref:                    24000/NT001/01/0

Frame Dimensions:                20’ x 8’ x 8’ 6”

Capacity:                                24,000 Litres +/- 2%

M.G.W.:                                  36,000 kg

Tare (est.):                             3,650 kgs

Max Payload:                          32,350 kgs

Working Pressure:                 4 Bar

Test Pressure:                       6 Bar

Max. Allowable Vacuum        0.41 Bar

Design Temp:                         - 40°C to +130°C

Vessel Material:                     SANS 50028-7 WNr 1.4402/14404(C<0.03%), 316L

Shell: Cold Rolled 2B finish.

Dished ends: Hot rolled and polished internally to 1.2 Micron CLA

Supplied by ALZ, TISCO, Columbus or Outokumpu

Shell Thickness:                     4.4mm Nominal

Ends Thickness:                     4.7mm Minimum after forming

Corrosion Allowance             0.2mm

Frame Material:                     GB/T 1591-94-Q345D

Frame to Shell:                       304 stainless steel

Corner castings:                     ISO 1161 - 8 off

Vessel Design Code:              ASME VIII Div 1

Radiography:                         Shell:                            ASME Spot

Dished ends:                 ASME Full

Inspection Agency:                LR or BV

Cargo carried:                        See dangerous cargo lists for UN Portable T11 tank

Design Approvals:                  IMDG T11, CFR49, ADR/RID, CSC, TC, TIR, ISO, UIC, US/UK DOT


Fittings and Accessories:      Valve fittings from Item 1 to Item 6 below, supplied by Fort Vale.

1. Manway Assembly             1 x 500 mm - 8-point fastening manlid, low profile with TIR provision          Gasket: PTFE encapsulated EPDM inner

2. Relief Valve Assembly       1 x 2 ½” BSP pressure relief valve without flameproof gauze

Set pressure: 4.4 bar


Weld-in pad fitted tangentially inside the centre spill box

3. Relief Valve Provision       1 x 2 ½” BSP pressure relief tank nozzle with bolted blank flange

4. Airline connection             1 x 1.5” BSP air inlet valve with 1 ½” BSP connection fitted with blanking cap and chain. Provision for future fitting of manometer.

Gasket: Encapsulated PTFE

Weld-in pad fitted tangentially inside the rear spill box

5. Top Discharge Provision   DN80 weld-in pad with bolted blank flange.

Gasket: PTFE

6. Bottom Outlet Assembly   DN80 45° stainless steel high-lift foot valve and clamped type butterfly valve fitted with 3” BSP stainless steel screwed outlet connection and captive blank cap.


An emergency closure cable is connected to the footvalve handle

7. Spill Boxes                          2 top spill boxes provided, containing as follows: -

Centre box contains Manway, PR valve and PR provision.

Rear box contains Air Inlet Connection and top Outlet provision

Drainage pipes fitted to each side of each top box

8. Outlet Housing                   The outlet valve is contained within a protective housing.

9. Walkway                             ‘F’ type walkway, 475 wide aluminium ‘Q’ grating fitted as follows: -

1 full length walkways fitted with two transverse sections, one adjacent to the centre spill box, one across rear of tank

10. Handrail                           A collapsible handrail will be fitted along the walkway

11. Steam Heating                 6 longitudinal runs of heating coils, giving a total effective heating area of 8.00M2 will be fitted

The working pressure is 4 bar and the testing pressure is 6 bar Inlet and outlet connections are ¾” BSP

Dust caps and chain will be fitted



12. Insulation                         Tank insulated with 50mm mineral wool with a density of 55kg/M3 where possible. Aluminium foil will be fitted between insulation and tank shell

External cladding: white GRP

13. Thermometer                   1 off, analogue thermometer; -40° C to 160° C, fitted on rear end to lower left side

14. Ladder                              Carbon steel; anti-slip rungs, right-hand rear of tank

15. Earthing Plate                  1 off, welded to bottom frame rear end of tank

16. Document Holder            1 off, in tubular PVC

17. Decal                                Mandatory markings supplied and fitted

18. Data Plate                        1 off SS consolidated data plate as per code                                          

19. Calibration Plate              No fitted

20. Internal Finish                 Longitudinal welds: as-welded

Circumferential welds: as-welded but with 300 mm ground flush and polished to a maximum of 1.2 micron CLA on bottom centre line.

Entire internal surface chemically cleaned and passivated after completion of

all welding and dressing.

21. External Finish                 Tank Shell: External surface of tank cleaned after completion of all welding

and testing.

Framework: All carbon steel frame parts will be shot blasted to Swedish

standard SA2½ followed by the application of:-

22. Painting                            First coat:         Hempadur Zinc (15360)             30 micron min DFT

Intermediate:    Hempatex Primer (15300)          40 micron min DFT

Final coat:         Hempatex Hibuild (56430)         50 micron min DFT

TOTAL                                      120 micron min DFT

Colour Blue                               Black RAL 9005


23. Stacking                                  Each container approved for 10 high stacking




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