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Item ref: 1859
Lenticular Filter SOLD

Lenticular filter as new, Pall, Model No: P12-03E00TC1.5D-S, north island nz, contact ed@ibl.co.nz 0274 442 944 more info specs on request …more


Item ref: 1822
DE Filter 5sq mtr NEW

DE Filter new unused still in crate Queensland Manufacturer Spandoni 2017 Description DE Filter / 5 Square Meters Model # DCBL 125 • Manufactured by SPADONI MECCANICA in Orvieto, Italy since 1951 • SS304 construction throughout • Manual spent DE discharge • 1.5”TC …more


Item ref: 1745
Plate and Frame 40x40 SOLD

Seitz plate and frame filter 40x40 Hawkes Bay , Ed O'Donnell 0274 442 944 ed@ibl.co.nz


Item ref: 1698
DE 10 Sq Mtr Sdy

Della Toffola DE Filter 2005 model. Approx 50hL/hr, 10m3 of filtration area. Modified with vacuum extraction to eliminate filter dust. Good working condition, well-maintained with large box of spare seals, gaskets and plates.NSW.This filter was in use for beer until last year giving great result…more


Item ref: 1619
DE 8sq mtr

Spadoni 8sq mtr DE Filter, 2008 Auckland ed@ibl.co.nz 0274 442 944